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About us

Xin chào,

Welcome to our new location La Ca – Vietnamese street-food in Groningen. La Ca means wandering and is based on a unique Vietnamese habit. People can enjoy delicious food without going to a luxury restaurant, by wandering through small, ancient streets and discovering diverse authentic food stalls. Therefore, we don’t offer a quiet place with relaxing music, but healthy and delicious Vietnamese street-foods made with passion and love.

If you want a quick and healthy lunch or a cosy dinner with your friends and family, you are always welcome at our street-food restaurant. Our signature cuisine balances rice, vegetables and a blend of the freshest herbs and spices while contrasting between hot and cold, soft and crisp. This combined with our selection of homemade fruit teas and exotic mocktails, cocktails gives you a Vietnamese experience.

Started in 2018 as the first BANH MI food truck in Groningen. Few years later, La Ca has grown as a Vietnamese Street Food with high quality. Vietnamese cuisine is more diverse than the well-known “loempia”. There is a rich food-history known for preparation and straightforward cooking methods influenced by China, Indonesia, Thailand, and France. Besides that, there are a lot of traditional ingredients, lemongrass, garlic, peanut, pickle vegetables, and special ‘nuoc mam’ (fish sauce). Dipping our food in fish-sauce creates a harmony of all the different flavours.

We hope that you would enjoy our food and please share your love with food.

Chúc ngon miệng!

La Ca team