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about us

LA CA means wandering. The reason for such a name is to enjoy good food in Vietnam, you don’t necessarily have to enter a luxurious restaurant, but wandering though the small streets will enable you to discover many diverse delicious authentic food stalls.Therefore, don’t expect a quiet place with relax music. La Ca is a fastfood but healthy Vietnamese restaurant made with love.  Because of Vietnam tropical climate, the signature of Vietnamese cuisine is the balance among rice, vegetables, abundance of the freshest un-cooked herbs, spices, combination between the cold with the hot and the soft with the crisp.

Vietnamese cuisine is much more diverse than only so -called ‘loempia’. It is well-known for its preparation and straight forward cooking methods. Vietnamese food has many influences from China, Indonesia, Thailand and even France. The basic ingredients we use are lemongrass, lots of fresh herbs, garlic, peanut, pickled vegetables, and of course ‘nuoc mam’. A type of Vietnamese homemade dipping fish sauce. This all creates a harmonious balance between all the different flavours.

We hope you will enjoy our food and please share the love!

La Ca team